Tripping in Indy with Shane Mauss

I've been really getting into podcasts and stand-up comedy the past couple of years, and believe it or not they often times go hand-in-hand. Just about every comedian seems to have a podcast, ranging from totally random banter, to dialed down topics. While I enjoy all kinds, Shane Mauss' Here We Are gives me my existentially curious brain some good fodder to digest.

Imagine an even more scientific Joe Rogan's podcast without the douchey MMA fighters and rambling. I like some of what Rogan brings but I think Shane's balance of bullshit-to-information is more entertaining long term. Here We Are touches on a lot more of the discovery of ourselves and what surrounds us, while still being comedic and entertaining.

I'll talk more about the podcast later, but what I love about it is that every episode is not only thought provoking, but Shane being a comic, it's littered with jokes.

Shane Mauss is a guy I heard of early last year when I first saw the annoucement for his A Good Trip tour. I missed his first appearance in Indy and after beating myself up for it I was glad to see he added not only another date for his flagship show, but also a DMT talk (which he's been toting about doing on his podcast for quite some time), as well as a live podcast recording featuring a couple Neuroscientists from Indiana University.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the show or Shane, sure I'd seen his standup online and Netflix, but being a themed show, let alone psychadelics, I was sure we were in for something unique that we hadn't seen before.

I really can't praise Shane's show enough. He's been a comic for a while now so obviously it was fucking funny, but what I really got out of it was his explanation and and dissection of psychadelics in an accessible and approachable way.

Not only was I laughing, but I found myself truly appreciating the way his jokes made you feel less ostracized from the topic in general. Not to say I'm embarassed or aprehensive to talk about mushrooms or anything (I mean I am around some people), but hearing it discussed in a stand-up set made me view it in a totally different way.

Once again, comedy and jokes breaking down social and emotional barriers. I can only hope that this gets turned into some sort of special for even more people to see. I know Shane is almost always working on something, so I bet he's gearing up for something.

He had a lot of sick merch, including some handmade leather keychains with all sorts of psychadelic chemicals and mushrooms, signed Here We Are posters, Shane's original Psychadelic adult coloring books, and even sick stained glass with the same illustration as the posters. Left with a poster and keychain. 🍄

"Here We Are" Live Recording

There live recording was my first live podcast experience, and only the third or fourth live recording of Here We Are that Shane has done. Everything was set up in a very professional setting that allowed for lots of good converstaion between Shane and his two guests, both incredibly intelligent people studying neuroscience at Indiana University.

This episode's focal point was the discussion of how the brain ages, both detrimentally with conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as what can be done to benefit and help the brain as you approach the later portions of your life. Overall I think both guests (Shane as well) did a good job putting things in layman's terms. While I consider myself to be someone with passion for science and curiousity, there's nothing worse to break your concentration than just not grasping something at all.

I hate to be any bit judgmental or to hate on people for just inherently being themsevles, but just about every single one of the questions asked by people in the crowd were absolutely cringe worthy. Ranging from someone interrupting in the first 10 minutes to mention psychadelics in the most untimely way, to someone trying to convince himself that being autistic was a state of zen and pure mindfulness, to the token burnout barely being able to speak in coherent sentences (I honestly thought he maybe had had a stroke at some point before mentiong he had great SAT scores).

Again, not trying to hate, but unfortunately I think the audience's participation was pure shit. Shane, I love the show and it's awesome you chose and were able to do this in Indy, but for the love of god cut the questions out from the version that ultimately goes online. Next time I'll have some more liquid courage and muster up an actual question to stir some worthwhile and on-topic conversation.

Regardless the show was phenomenal. Flat12 did an excellent job hosting the show, and I'm definitely making en effort to see more comedy shows in the future. If you haven't been to Flat12 check it out, super dope...the hours are a little weak but it's a great spot to grab a drink with an awesome patio. Glad this place is in my area.

Don't forget to check it out